This theme involves Albury being recognised as a cultural and creative city that embraces and celebrates its diversity, provides quality health care, supports children and young people, promotes positive ageing, encourages health lifestyles, values knowledge and life-long learning and is recognised national as a provider of quality education.

Albury 2030 identified the following outcomes:

3.1 - Albury offers access to a diverse range of educational opportunities

3.2 - Albury's key community safety indicators continuously improve

3.3 - The health and wellbeing of the Albury community improves

3.4 - Albury offers a diverse and accessible range of facilities and activities for all ages

3.5 - Improved health, employment and education for the Aboriginal community in Albury

3.6 - The improved settlement of people from diverse cultures

3.7 - Increased participation in a diverse range of art and cultural activities in Albury