AlburyCity is taking steps to help residents have access to appropriate, affordable and well-designed housing.

Our Local Housing Strategy will provide a plan that outlines how and where housing will be delivered to meet the needs of our community now and into the future.

A strong housing market is an important source of wealth creation in our local economy but more importantly having high quality, secure homes that meet our community needs is vital to people’s health and wellbeing.

Our housing vision for the future

The housing strategy will seek to understand the current and future housing needs and preferences of people who live, work, and visit Albury.

The strategy will be organised under four key housing themes:

  • Supply: Set a clear plan for effective management of housing growth in appropriate locations
  • Diversity: Facilitate a range of choice in housing types that meet the changing needs of people across their life
  • Affordability: Offer support to vulnerable households who do not have access to safe or secure housing
  • Resilience: Improve the quality, design and environmental performance of our housing.

The strategy will contain a range of initiatives for AlburyCity to achieve the housing vision and objectives.