We are taking steps to boost business recovery in our city centres with the commencement of a review of the Albury and Lavington Central Business District (CBD) Master Plans as well as preparing an updated Retail Action Plan.

We want to hear your aspirations and requirements for more inclusive, safe and prosperous city centres.

Project objectives

Our current CBD Master Plans (2009) and Retail Sector Development Strategy (2015) both laid some great groundwork for enhancing our city centres, and a lot has been achieved, but we know there is more that can be done.

Refreshing the Master Plans for Albury and Lavington CBDs and the creation of an updated Retail Action Plan will help us better respond to the impact of all the changes that have been occurring across our city, both pre and post pandemic.

We want to respond to any issues that people are currently experiencing and inspire new ideas for action that make our business centres better for everyone who lives, works, or visits our city centres.

Together, the new Albury and Lavington City Centre Master Plans and Retail Action Plan will:

  • Review our planning controls to ensure they are appropriately guiding and supporting new residential, retail and commercial growth;
  • Find out how we can further improve visitor and residents’ experiences in our public realm, open spaces and streetscapes;
  • Help drive retail spending recovery and growth;
  • Recommend new project initiatives for the future of our city centre over the short, medium and longer term.
Griffith Road Lavington

Quick Survey

What do you like most about our city centres? If you could change just one thing about our city centres, what would it be? This could be in central Albury, Lavington, or one of our smaller retail centres. (max 140 characters).

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