DRAFT Social and Sustainable Procurement Policy

The intent of the proposed updates to AlburyCity's Procurement Policy is to further AlburyCity's existing commitment to the principles of social and sustainable procurement within the context of procurement on a value for money basis.

AlburyCity will seek to purchase goods and services, where possible, to enable effective operations, to benefit the local region, the community, the environment and enhance AlburyCity's civic leadership role.

A Social and Sustainable Procurement Policy focus allows Council to align multiple strategic objectives, actively drive spending towards Suppliers, Products and Services that generate positive impacts across the community whilst considering social, Environmental, Economic, Leaderships and Governance factors locally and globally.


We welcome your feedback on the DRAFT Social and Sustainable Procurement Policy. Submissions will be received until 5:00 pm Friday 5 August 2022 and can be submitted via the form above or addressed to:

Procurement Services, PO Box 323 Albury NSW 2640 or info@alburycity.nsw.gov.au

Submission are not confidential. Submissions, summaries of submissions, and/or names and addresses of people making submissions may be included in publicly available reports to Council and Council's website.

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