We are working with Charles Sturt University to undertake a Heritage Review. The review will:

  • Revise our Heritage Strategy and action plan
  • Update the historical themes
  • Review heritage listings and seek community nominations for a broader range of heritage places from pre-contact Aboriginal history to the mid and late 20th Century (such as significant buildings, social places, cultural sites, trees and natural landscapes)
  • Review statements of significance and recommended management strategies for our heritage listings
  • Provide further digital documentation of heritage items (e.g. photographs or other relevant records)

In the Albury Local Government Area, there are 13 state heritage listings, 1 Declared Aboriginal Place, 245 local heritage places and 16 Heritage Conservation Areas, view the list.

A heritage listing gives public recognition to heritage places under local and state planning controls. The listing provides a trigger for an assessment of proposed changes to ensure the significance (importance) of heritage places is retained. For more information on heritage listings, visit Heritage NSW.

Round 2 : Nominate places of heritage significance - closed

Nominations are closed and are being reviewed and assessed by our team.

Anyone can nominate a place they believe to have important heritage values to be assessed for potential heritage listing as part of this Heritage Review process.

We are also accepting nominations to make corrections or delist local heritage items from the Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010.

Place your nomination via one of the following ways;

1. Heritage Map (click on a place on the map or search by property address)

2. Webform (below)

3. info@alburycity.nsw.gov.au

4. Mail: PO Box 323, Albury NSW 2640

What information could I include in a nomination to add a heritage place to the list?

  • Address/location
  • Tell us why it is important to you/our community
  • Nominations can be for various places such as buildings, natural landscapes, social places, cultural sites and trees
  • Feel free to provide additional information such as online articles, images or book references

What information should I include in a nomination to delist a heritage item?

  • Heritage item number or address
  • Reasons why it should be delisted (e.g incorrectly listed, the heritage significance has been lost due to substantial changes, or significant damage from fire/severe weather event)

Nominations will be open until 5.00pm Monday 15 August 2022.

All nominated heritage places will be assessed and publicly exhibited (without personal contact details) as part of the draft heritage study.

You will be invited to provide your comments and feedback on the draft heritage study as part of Round 3 of this project.