Engagement for Albury 2050 commenced in June and concluded in December 2021. The community and stakeholders actively participated through the 'Have your Say" website, completing 622 contributions from 3,926 visits throughout June 2021 - November 2021. This interaction was achieved through online survey questions, interactive map and whiteboard to share "big ideas".

There was also a high level of online engagement and participation through various social media channels, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all providing further opportunities for the community and stakeholders to become actively involved in conversations regarding the future of Albury 2050. Numerous pop-up opportunities were undertaken in various locations around the city, allowing a diversity of participants across a variety of socio-economic and cultural demographics.

Engagement through primary and secondary schools was undertaken via class engagement with students participating in group and individual activities - producing their future vision for Albury 2050 through assorted art mediums. Young people actively engaged through the Albury Youth survey with 800 young people of varying diversity and culture aged 12 - 18 years responding. The younger cohort of under 10 years was actively engaged through 'Lego Master' where they were provided with the opportunity to create their future designs for Albury 2050.

Click the link in the document library to read the DRAFT Community Strategic Plan Albury 2050 and share your thoughts below to Have your Say.

Community Strategic Plan Themes

We have listened to you, our community and have created a new vison for Albury in 2050. Our four focus areas are based on addressing the quadruple bottom line (QBL) of economic, environmental, social and civil leadership issues. The development of Albury 2050 is guided by the QBL considerations and the above social justice principles, supporting our achievement of a balanced and holistic approach to our city's future.

Have your Say

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