We’re developing a Social Infrastructure Strategy to guide how we plan, manage and deliver Albury’s networks of community facilities and public open space.

If you’ve ever picnicked in a park, taken your toddler to a playgroup, seen a play or borrowed a book then you’ve likely used one of Albury’s great community places or spaces!

Social infrastructure is an umbrella term for the places where connections are made, including:

  • Community facilities: the places we gather for connection, wellbeing, learning and creativity. It includes libraries, cultural centres, childcare centres, schools, community health centres and cemeteries.
  • Open space: the spaces where we relax, exercise, play and recreate. It includes our parks, streetscapes, reserves, natural areas and sporting fields.

The Social Infrastructure Strategy will examine:

  • How many community places and open spaces do we have? Are there any gaps in provision?
  • How well are our facilities utilised? Is their location, condition and accessibility meeting community needs?
  • How can we strengthen our community through improved community facility and open space provision?

Please be aware that for this project we are incorporating all the previous feedback you are sharing with us on recent and current projects related to community facilities and park provision including Growing Thurgoona Wirlinga, Cultural Precinct, Eastern Hill Activation, 2C1C Sports and Recreation Strategy and many more. We will make sure that this community input we've already collected helps to guide the development of this Social Infrastructure Strategy.